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  The concept of a multimodal cargo transportation consists in cargo transportation a several different types of transport. 

    The most prevalent scheme of such transportations is the combined use sea, railway, motor transport and other transport modes for the carriage of cargo to its destination.

    Today multimodal transportations are one of the most convenient and widespread delivery modes of cargoes on long distances. The international multimodal cargo transportation allows to deliver a cargo in any point of the world, at the same time to reduce the transportation costs and to increase the speed of delivery.

    We carry out preparatory work: 
-we analyze your wishes concerning delivery dates and cost; 
-we estimate possibilities of an overload on the way ;
-we consider other important factors. 

    Also we choose an optimum route and a combination of transport in multimodal transportation.

    Our company is ready to organize a cargo transportation of any complexity.


Road truck transportations of a cargo.

    Through years of cooperation with the major road truck transport companies, our company provides the highest quality services in the organization of road truck transportations, which in turn are subdivided into:

 – domestic container transportations as a part of a multimodal transportation; 
 – transit containers transportations; 
 – international road truck transportations. 

Transportations by a railway transport.

    We offer services in the organization of transportation of cargoes by railway transport. 

    The range of services includes: 
– transportation of import, export and transit cargoes; 
– transportations in universal containers, wagons, high sided wagons;
– payment of a railway rate and additional fees; 
– registration of railway delivery notes; 
– registration of a financial guarantee on transit of excise cargoes; 
– the organization of loading and discharging of the cargo from wagons; 
– securing and cargo separation; 
– tracking movement of wagons.

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