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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a complex of measures necessary for the goods to successfully cross the border. Incorrect or belated customs clearance can lead to many negative consequences.

The very process of customs clearance is rather nontrivial and requires extensive knowledge in the field of tax, currency and customs law, the availability of excellent skills in declaring goods and a high level of competence.

The company Petrel-Aidency will provide you with the full range of customs services, our employees will conduct customs clearance as quickly and efficiently as possible. And you will save your time and nerves.

Customs clearance of goods consists of such parts:

– work with various customs regimes;

– Calculation of customs payments;

– fast and high-quality execution of customs declarations;

– Preparation of a package of documents for import / export / transit;

– registration of all necessary certificates and permits;

– selection of the optimal option for customs clearance;

– selection of codes according to UKT FEA;

– provision to the customs body of all necessary documents and additional information;

Our specialists assist in clarifying the rules of international trade, which helps customers who have applied to us, to avoid unforeseen costs. Also, the company Petrel-Aidency will present your interests in the customs authorities on all issues of customs clearance.

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