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The “PETREL-AGENCY” LLC is a freight forwarding company that specializes in providing a full range of  logistics services in the market of transport forwarding of container and bulk cargo, without the involvement of  intermediaries.


Our experts will not leave any application of transportation without proper attention and professional approach.

The “PETREL-AGENCY” LLC  is proud of their stuff, that  have responsibility, competence and  persistence on the ball, these factors are necessary to solve any logistic tasks.

The “PETREL-AGENCY” LLC is a general forwarder of the stevedoring company “Brooklyn-Kiev”, that operates on the territory of the Odessa Commercial Sea Port.

We are always ready to provide to our customers quality service for cargo handling, such as :

– Shipping;

– Trucking;

– Railway transportation;

– Warehousing services;

– Stuffing of the cargo;
– Loading / discharging of the ship parties;
– Storage of the cargo;
– Port forwarding;
– Customs brokerage services;
– Cargo insurance;
– Development of optimum routes of the delivery of your freights worldwide;

One of the main tasks of the operator of the logistic market – is the correct work with the customer: understanding of an objective, and only trusting relationships with all parties which participate in a supply chain. With all responsibility, we declare that our company provides all above-mentioned with a quality assurance.

If you really need a high-quality service – the “PETREL-AGENCY” LLC is your right choice.

Stuffing of the Cargo at the Odessa Commercial Sea Port

The “PETREL-AGENCY” LLC, as a general forwarder of stevedoring company “Brooklyn-Kiev”, are ready to offer the following warehousing services, for handling of your general, unitized and break-bulk cargoes, etc., using the capacities of  “Brooklyn-Kiev” LLC:

– services in the organization of handling works; 
– issuance of all necessary shipping documents;
– stuffing of the cargoes under the customs control;
– transfer on a road truck and railway transport; 
– tally services (service for the physical counting of the cargoes units); 
– survey services; 
– other services from the Client request.

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